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ACC is a not-for-profit cabana and therefore not in the swim school business.  However, we do offer summer seasonal instruction for a variety of skills – from those completely new to the water to those who are competitive swimmers.  The primary purpose for this offering is to teach our membership's children and those of our local community to be water safe. We also hope to prepare more children for our swim team program, the Almaden Dolphins (members only).

Our swim lessons program manager was a Coach of the Almaden Dolphins Swim Team, Rachel Wheelock. Rachel grew up in our community, swimming for the Dolphins since she was five years old. This summer is her 3rd season managing the Swim Lesson Program at the Cabana. She is looking forward to teach the next generation of young swimmers, as well as continuously developing the swim lesson program for this year and future summers.

Regular sessions are all 30 minutes long and are offered Monday-Friday. Please see further below for level descriptions and lesson offerings.  Additional private lessons and custom sessions are available upon request and based on swim instructor availability.  For any questions, please contact our Swim Manager.

Below are our Group Swim Lessons for Summer 2024

**Pre-Season Group Lessons will be held by Swim Lessons Manager, Rachel. See schedule below.**

Group lessons will be of 3:1 (three students to one swim instructor) in order to give ample time to each student.

Private lessons are based on swim instructor availability. Scroll down below to see Private Instructors Availability. 

Session Fees Members Non-members

Weekly (Group) $150 $188
Private $43 $51

2024 Group Lessons Schedule

Swim lessons are offered in two levels:

Group A (Tadpole, Guppy, and Seahorse)

Group B (Starfish, Seal, and Dolphin)

*All levels are described in detail below*

Please register for the appropriate half hour that suits your child's level (check out descriptions below).  We do have 'Waitlist' enabled so if there is more than enough interest in a particular class/group, we may be able to add an additional group session (minimum students criteria and swim instructor availability permitting).

Pre-Season Swim Lessons (May 20-May 24th)

Weekdays (M-F)5/20-5/24
2:15-2:45pmGroup A
2:45-3:15pmGroup B

Weekday Sessions Weeks 1-4

Weekdays M-F6/3-6/76/10-6/14 6/17-6/21 6/24-6/28
12:15-12:45pm All Groups All GroupsAll Groups All Groups
 12:45-1:15pm All GroupsAll Groups All Groups All Groups 
 1:30-2:00pm All Groups All Groups All GroupsAll Groups 
 4:15-4:45pm All Groups All Groups All Groups

All Groups (No Thurs. Lesson)

 5:00-5:30pm All GroupsAll Groups  All GroupsAll Groups (No Thurs. Lesson) 
 5:30-6:00pm All GroupsAll Groups All Groups All Groups (No Thurs. Lesson)

Note:  Our cabana's swim team, Dolphins, will be holding training lessons parallel to the 12:15pm lessons 6/3-6/28. The evening times (4:15, 5, & 5:30pm), will be held during pool open hours. 


Weekday Sessions Weeks 5-10

 Weekdays M-F7/8-7/12  7/15-7/197/22-7/26 7/29-8/2  8/5-8/98/12-8/16 
 9:00-9:30am  All GroupsAll Groups  NONE NONE NONE NONE
9:30-10:00am All GroupsAll GroupsAll Groups All Groups  All GroupsAll Groups 
10:15-10:45am All Groups All Groups All Groups All Groups All GroupsAll Groups
 10:45-11:15am NONENONEAll Groups All GroupsAll GroupsAll Groups
4:15-4:45pm All Groups All Groups All Groups All GroupsAll Groups All Groups
All Groups All Groups All Groups All Groups All Groups All Groups 
5:30-6:00pm All GroupsAll Groups All Groups All Groups

All Groups

All Groups

Note:  The evening times (4:15, 5, & 5:30pm), will be held during pool open hours, with the exception of Week #10

To see our group lesson availability go here:  Group Lessons

2024 Private Lessons - REGISTRATION OPENS JUNE 2024

Private lesson registrations is on a different system  in order to better manage Private Swim Instructor availability and overall scheduling. 

Private Lessons are not available until Mid-June. Please come back and check the Private Lessons Calendar at the end of May 2024. 

To see our private swim instructors and availability, click here:  Private Lessons





Swimmer must be out of diapers and willing to be in pool without parent(s). Swimmers that are not ready and/or willing should be placed into a Private lesson.

This class is set up for young children to have a safe and trusting environment in the water and to establish a foundation of water safety and basic swimming skills to the swimmer.


Swimmer must be able to do safe entry and exit, fully submerged headbob, blast-off for 1-3 yards, and independently hold onto the wall.

This class gears the swimmer to achieve comfort with basic swim skills.


Swimmer must be able to do a submerged headbob with rotary breathing, front and back float for 10 seconds, front and back crawl for a minimum of 3 yards.

This Advanced Beginner class helps students understand the skill of controlling their breathing while swimming.


Swimmer can swim freestyle and backstroke for a minimum of 10 yrds, properly executes the swim float swim sequence, can dive headfirst to the bottom of the pool, can swim elementary backstroke, and understands how to do the dolphin sequence.

This Intermediate class helps students master breath control and efficient strokes to gain independence in the water and cabana team readiness.


Swimmer can swim freestyle and backstroke, and is learning to swim breaststroke, flip turns, how to dive head first into the pool from standing position, and tread water for 15 seconds.

This class helps students develop efficient coordination in the arms, legs, breathing, and body position at swim tempo.


Swimmer can swim freestyle and backstroke for 50 yards with flip turns, swim legal breaststroke and butterfly, how to execute an open turn, dive head first into the pool from a standing position, and tread water for 40 seconds.

This Advanced class helps students refine techniques in breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and underwater techniques for competitive swimming. 

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