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Pool Rules

All persons shall use the Club facilities at their own risk. General safety rules and common sense apply at all times. 

Entry Rules:

  1. All members and guests must sign in at the gate.
  2. Members must accompany guests at all times while their guests are using the Club.
  3. Use of the Club is limited to members and guests. A “guest” does not include any person who employs a member, or on whose behalf another employs a member (whether proprietary or guest member) to baby-sit, supervise, instruct, teach, nurse, or otherwise care for or attend said person (Child-care clause).
  4. Members shall pay the stated fee per guest per day for guests accompanying them for use of the Club during the Club’s regular hours. Exception: Guests under 2 years of age and overnight guests of members will not be charged for the day use of the Club when accompanied by a member.
  5. For lifeguard staffing purposes, prior notification must be given to the pool manager when the cumulative number of guests exceeds ten (10) for any member family at any point in time.
  6. Guests are subject to the same rules as members. Failure to follow the direction of Lifeguards will result in ejection.
  7. No pets or animals shall be permitted at the Club. (Including service animals - no exceptions.)
  8. Gum is not allowed in the Club.
  9. Spitting anywhere in the Club is prohibited
  10. An emergency contact/medical release form is maintained for members’ health and well-being and is kept by the pool manager. Please ensure your information is always current. Members will not be allowed to use Club facilities without a current emergency/medical release form on file.
  11. An adult must accompany children under 10 years of age.


 Lap and Dive Pool Rules:

  1. Swimming is permitted only when a Lifeguard is present.
  2. Children who cannot swim must have constant parental or Caretaker (over 15 years of age) supervision while on the grounds of the Club.
  3. Children not potty trained must wear swim diapers.
  4. Running; wrestling; pushing; snapping of towels; riding of skateboards, skates, wheeled shoes, or bikes; rock throwing; and other dangerous practices in Club are prohibited.
  5. Persons with colds, runny noses, skin diseases, or other communicable diseases may not enter the pool. Waterproof bandages may be worn in the pool only with the approval of the pool manager/assistant manager.
  6. Personal items such as fins, water wings, masks, life jackets, etc., can be used only with the approval of the pool manager/assistant manager.
  7. No boats or rafts are allowed at the Club.
  8. Diving blocks are restricted to use of the swim team and only under the direct supervision of a swim team coach during practice or a swim meet.
  9. Diving is permitted only in the diving pool or as per Rule 11.
  10. Fifteen minutes each hour shall be allowed for an exclusive adult (18 and over) swim period. Non-swimming children (6) six years and younger assisted by parents may be permitted with Lifeguard approval.


 Wading Pool Rules:

  1. Only children six (6) years of age or under may use the wading pool and Kiddie Cove, and only under the direct supervision of a Caretaker fifteen (15) years of age or older.
  2. Children using this area are the sole responsibility of a Caretaker as defined in Rule 1. There is no Lifeguard on duty at the wading pool.
  3. The wading pool may not be used during swim team practice, swim lessons, or swim meets.


 General Rules:

  1. Employees, members and guests will at all times conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates respect for others.
  2. Almaden Cabana Club is a no smoking facility.
  3. Alcoholic beverages are permitted at the Club. Under no circumstances may a minor be served or allowed to consume alcoholic beverages on club property. Intoxicated persons shall not be admitted to, nor permitted to remain on Club property.
  4. Beverages in glass containers must be transferred to plastic cups prior to consumption and such transfer must take place at least 10 feet from any pool.
  5. All trash, recyclables, etc. must be placed in containers provided for this purpose.
  6. No employee of the Club shall be reprimanded or in any way punished by any member, guest, or visitor. Any issue regarding the performance of a Club employee shall be immediately reported to the Pool Managers, a member of the Personnel Committee, the President or Vice President.



  1. The Pool Manager and Lifeguards shall be in complete charge of all Club facilities and shall have full authority to enforce these rules and to expel or exclude any person violating them. The Pool Manager and Lifeguards shall have authority to take any and all steps necessary or proper in their opinion to protect the health and safety of all persons using the Club facilities.
  2. Members who have not paid yearly dues or without an emergency contact/medical release form on record shall not be admitted to the Club properties and not be granted use of facilities until all such dues and assessments have been paid or the release form executed.
  3. Members who have been suspended (Bylaws, Article III, Section 7.) shall not be admitted to the Club properties and not be granted use of facilities.
  4. The Almaden Cabana Club shall have no liability or responsibility and no member or guest of a member or any other person shall have claim against the corporation, for any personal injury to, or death of any member or guest, or for any loss or damage to the property of any member or guest. (Bylaws, Article III, Section 10).
  5. Any loss or damage resulting to any of the properties of the Almaden Cabana Club from the acts or conduct of any member, or the guest of a member, and any indebtedness to the Almaden Cabana Club incurred by the guest of a member, shall be assessed to such member and shall be paid as in the case of other assessments.” (Bylaws, Article III, Section 11).
  6. Any violation of these rules may be punished by fine or suspension by the Board of Directors as provided in the Club Bylaws.
  7. All members must sign and return the Almaden Cabana Club Rules Signature Page to the Club before using the pool facilities.

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