September 27, 2020 cabana update

Our COVID Season

We made it!  Today is the last day of the cabana season – no major issues nor injuries, and more importantly, no COVID19 transmissions at the cabana!!

Of course, it wasn’t smooth sailing.  We had some ramp up adjustments that needed to be made (hours, procedures, and personnel).  And more significantly, the heat waves, power outages, fires, and spare the air closures made it very challenging to navigate – but we got through it.  Thank you all for your patience during these trying times. 

I would also like to recognize and thank your Operations Director volunteer, Stephen Chen, this season’s Cabana Manager, Jackson Stephens, and the rest of the lifeguard/monitor crew that were flexible, adaptable, and committed to keeping the cabana sanitary and accessible and did a tremendous job in communicating changes and swim availability as external uncontrollable factors dictated – THANK YOU!!

What’s Next

You may recall that we’ve communicated in the past regarding much needed cabana repairs.  On the top of our list is the Dive Pool.  It ranks the highest in urgency as it has been at least two to three decades that the pool was last plastered.  Currently, there’s plaster missing in multiple areas and rebar rust has penetrated all around the perimeter walls.  Furthermore, for several years we’ve noticed an increasing need to have to refill (top off) the pool –  likely meaning there has been a leak with our yearly increasing water bill reflecting that.

After years of building reserves and vetting pool engineering and contractor companies, we have plans in place to initiate repairs and improvements this coming week.  What improvements? 

We are taking this repair opportunity to also replace our old pump room equipment with more robust and higher efficiency equipment.  In addition, we’re planning to replace the wood shingle roofs to allow for solar power cells and solar water heating.  The combination will help reduce our utilities and operating costs and allow us to further accelerate our reserves funding for additional needed repairs.

Given the work/school from home environment we’re in, the timing isn’t the best since the repairs will create typical construction noise for our immediate surrounding neighbors.  Unfortunately, but there is no better timing.  If we delay to next or future years, the utility and repair costs to keep the current/old pumps running will only become larger.  Also, if we don’t get started now and repair/construction surprises arise, we’ll run out of runway before the next Cabana season opening.

So to our surrounding neighbors, we apologize for the coming noise and we hope you can take countermeasures within your homes (close windows, move to rooms further from the direction of noise, etc).

Wrap Up

We appreciate all of the feedback and accolades that have come our way for the running of the cabana this challenging season.  It helped us correct our course and strengthen what works.  We were happy to see so many families enjoy morning lap swims and afternoon recreational swims - safely - and make the best of this situation.  Again, thank you for your patience, and thank you to the rest of the Cabana board members and Swim Team volunteers that worked in the background to make this season a success!!

Best Regards,

The Board
Almaden Cabana Club

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