July 10, 2020 cabana update

Dear Members,

Today the county has issued updated orders.  The specific Mandatory Directive for Outdoor Swimming Pools can be found here.  As it pertains to our cabana, there are no changes to our current limitations management, social distance management, and overall operations as they continue to comply with the updated county orders.  

Regarding our operations, thank you for responding to the survey sent out last week.  The survey will be closed Monday 7/13 but we have sufficient responses to have a better understanding of your experience (you can see the survey response to date here).  In summary, it appears that the addition of more hours has met the demand for lap swimming and the majority are satisfied with the operations and reservations systems.  Recreational swimming appears to have a higher demand than available zones (especially for the dive pool).  There's only one dive pool so we can't do much about that but we can and have added an additional recreational swim period. We request that each family reserves the dive pool for a maximum of three (3) times per week, to provide a more equitable sharing of this scarce resource.

For reservations starting this Sunday, July 12, you will see a shift in hours and an increase of 4 swim periods to 5 swim periods.  The first reservations will now start at 12:30 PM with the last reservation ending at 8:00 PM.

Please be aware of our FAQs site as we have encountered members that are not clear on all lap swim and rec swim rules.  Please ensure your entire household is aware of the rules by reviewing the FAQs site found here.  Here's a snippet of some of the key DOs and DON'Ts:


... plan in advance your visit and reserve accordingly.  If you don't see the opening you want, there is a wait-list option that can be accessed through any web browser (the mobile apps do not have the wait-list feature).

... show up at your reserved time at least 5 mins early.  Wear a face mask and keep a 6ft distance with other families waiting in line to enter the cabana.

... cancel your reservation if your plans change.  The cancellation triggers a communication to wait-list families to use the pool.

... take with you anything you bring.  Don't leave anything behind, especially trash - there is no trash nor recycle service.


... bring any guests; they are not allowed at any time.

... forget your face mask.  You will not be allowed entry.

... reserve more lap lanes than you need - lanes are only for lap swimming not rec swimming.  More than one person can share a lane as long as they are from the same family unit.

... reserve more than one (1) recreational swim zone per day.  There are very few available and we must allow others a fair use of the pool.

... forget to cancel your reservation.  We are tracking no-shows and since reservations are limited (we have over 500 family members to share with), you may lose your access if you have more than 2 no-shows!

Best Regards,

The Board
Almaden Cabana Club

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